Web 2.0

There is a great deal of ballyhoo about Web 2.0. Whether you are excited by the concept, or tired of the hype already, check out Yay Horray’s Web 2.0 Logo Design project. They have taken famous logos and remade them in the new styles.

Also, you might want to check out Office 2.0 – an experiment in using only web based applications for all computer tasks.

Nedwolf has a list of Free Web Applications that is worth a look as well.

Recently, and as a consequence of temping, I’ve become enamored with portable applications that run off of a usb drive. I have Portable Firefox, Portable Opera, Portable Gaim loaded up and with me whenever I work a temp job so that way I know that I have better browers than IE as well as an instant message program… all of which don’t leave any trace of themselves on the host computer so I don’t have to worry about somone seeing that I’ve been chatting or updating my blog or reading Lifehacker. Portable Applications has the best website for exploring these programs.

I think I prefer portable apps over web apps simply because I know that I don’t have to access the internet to use them–yes, I know, the ones I have on my usb drive are all for accessing the web, but it’s the concept them… I mean, I’m trying to figure out why I might need to have the OpenOffice.org suite on my flashdrive and just can’t come up with a good reason. Although, having Portable GIMP, an?†open?†source?†image program similar to Photoshop, on the flash drive might prove useful sometime.

Anyone else use portable apps or web apps? Let me know if you have any particular recommendations.

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