Wrong Side of the Bed

It is a grumpy day for LtL – too little sleep, too little actually accomplished, too much chaos and rubble in the apartment. I’ve tried to turn it around by simply making it a reading day and have read (well, skimmed) a rather quaint book called City of Bits. Quaint because it was written in 1995 and is all about the “Infobahn.” I also finished a book I started yestered called Undead and Unwed–which is very, very lightweight reading. But, I’ll be honest, is rather amusing.

Still though, kinda grumpy and feeling anti-social… and of course there is a party to go to tonight where I need to shake off these blahs and smile and enjoy myself. While it is too late for me to use your advice tonight, I’m curious to know how other people deal with situations like this when you have to shake off a bad day in order to play nice in social situations?

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