World eBook Fair

For those of you who don’t mind doing some reading on your computers, you might want to check out the World eBook Fair. From their site:

July 4th untill August 11th, 2006 Download your selections from 1/3 million eBooks. Due To High Demand the World eBook Fair will Remain Open An Extra Week, from August 4th to August 11th, 2006 Unprecedented Response Results In Expanded eBook Fair Availability! Given the truly unexpected and unprecedented response to the month long World eBook Fair [ ] in which a million of the free eBook files are being downloaded each weekday, initially a greater load than anyone expected that crashed several redundanancy levels of backup systems, The World eBook Fair will stay open seven extra days to help provide access to all those who could not get in to downloads the 1/3 million free eBook files being made available. In addition, plans are being made for a Second World eBook Fair for October in honor of International Book Fair Month. Newer hardware, even more redundant systems, and a software and design improvement, are all expected to allow for some millions of eBook downloads each day from servers six times faster than those being presently used. Thus it could be possible to give away 100 million books in October when the World eBook Fair renews operations for “International Book Fair Month.” We are serving over one million (1,000,000) files a day. The World eBook Fair welcomes you to absolutely free access to a variety of eBook unparalleled by any other source. 1/3 million eBooks await you for personal use, all free of charge for the month from July 4 – August 4, 2006, and then 1/2 million eBooks in 2007, 3/4 million in 2008, and ONE million in 2009. The World eBook Fair has created a library of wide ranging samples of these eBooks, totaling 1/3 million. Here are eBooks from nearly every classic author on the varieties of subjects previously only available through the largest library collections in the world. Now these books are yours for personal use, free of charge, to keep for the rest of your lives. This event is brought to you by the oldest and largest free eBook source on the Internet, Project Gutenberg, with the assistance of the World eBook Library, the providers of the largest collection, and a number of other eBook efforts around the world. The World eBook Library normally charges $8.95 per year for online access, and allows unlimited personal downloading. During The World eBook Fair all these books are available free of charge through a gateway at and

Drop a comment if you happen to find a particularly good stash or two!

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