Sunday Sessions – Song 1

Sunday Sessions A series of lo-fi recordings that I will be doing on Sundays. I will try to post a song every week. These are rough demos and should be heard as sketches for what the actual finished, produced songs might be. I will also be using these as a way to play around with using my Thinkpad R31 and Adobe Audition as a digital studio. Recording Session: July 30, 2006 / 7:00pm – 9:30pm Song: NameTag, written sometime between July 2003 – March 2004 Lyrics:

rented out a smile today spent all my spare change pretending watched a black sun eclipse your eyes didn’t know where else to hide so I kept on being there pass the bottle and past surprise a simple mistake, I misrecognized the sunset for sunrise violent episode of cherry lip gloss half smile unconscious hair toss picking up laundry, off the floor watching tv and counting time in coffee rings and ashtray crimes waiting, waiting for jesus came and jesus wept in the dark space while you slept but chaplin, he knew the score to everything they say there is a time and place but the memories of your face must have missed, that particular memo which me did you love which me did you betray cause I lost my nametag somewhere… along the way lost my lines to a sidewalk glance the neon rain just danced.

Obviously, all the songs posted in this series are copyright protected and owned by me. You are more than welcome to download and share any song I post for personal use. If, for some reason you want to use any of my work for commercial reasons, please email me and we will come to an arrangement.


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3 thoughts on “Sunday Sessions – Song 1

  1. Dude, you know I like most of your work, so it’s no surprise that I enjoyed this one as well. However, I’m not sure I dig the distortion. I recognize that it’s “lo-fi” and all, but it’s really hard to appreciate it when parts are so fuzzy…and I don’t think that if you had the opportunity to redo it “hi-fi” you would have the distortion bits in there (that is, I’m assuming that it’s not part of the vision of the song). Anyway, if there’s a way to make these sonds without the distortion, that would rock.

    Of course if it was supposed to be there, please ignore my comment.

    Do you take requests? I would love a copy of that song you tried to teach me when you were living in New carolton (SP)…I can’t remember what it was called though, but it was my fav of your songs.

  2. Thanks and glad you enjoyed – and I will definitely record “Hot Summer Day” in the next couple of weeks and post it just for you! As to the distortion on the voice in this song, it was on purpose, but maybe it’s too much as you aren’t the first person to mention that they didn’t like it. Maybe I’ll upload a “cleaner” version as an alternative.

  3. Yea…”Hot Summer Day,” that’s it.

    I was a little confused because the first time it started, the distortion sounded like it was planned, but then it got to be too much.

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