Providence: Vanessa & Perishable Theatre

The same trip up to RI, I was able to hang out with Vanessa for a couple of drinks. By the way, Vanessa is really damn cool, y’all! And Perishable Theatre rocks! As much as, at the time, I felt miserable working as Perishable’s Office Manager, I loved–love–the theatre itself and what it stands for and the work it does. I was so excited to hear that Vanessa is now Artistic Director and I think that Perishable is going to have it’s own bit of a Renaissance under her guidance.

Vanessa is inspiring because she is artistically fearless, creatively curious, and passionate about theatre. Not passionate about plays (although plays are part of it) but theatre in all its forms and functions; theatre that is about making actions, not just talking (and again, there are certain forms of theatre where talking is an action); theatre that is about making images that strike at the audience like a viper, or tease the audience like a lover, or even make the audience laugh.

If you are in or around Providence please support the Perishable Theatre by attending their many many cool events and shows. If you are not and want to help a vibrant organization dedicated to new play development, new theatre forms and all forms of theatre experiments, you can either donate money or use this great service called GoodSearch, which donates money to organizations whenever you use it to do web searchs. You can even add it to your Firefox seach list. If, like me, you tend to use another browser like Opera, or Safari for you Mac people, you probably won’t stop using your seach bar, but if you know in advance that you are going to be doing a series of searchs for any reason, why not head over there and help out a great theatre!

Perishable Theatre has really stayed with me over the years and I am proud to have been part of the organization. Equally, I’m proud that I can call Vanessa a friend. Proud and inspired.

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