Providence: Jen

Listening to you sing… watching you play… talking of dreams and projects, creations…

It’s been 13 years since we’d seen each other and the years have added to both of our spirits in some good and some painful ways. The pure idealism and belief of our our late teens/early twenties may have become a bit tattered, or at least stained by the processes of living in the world. We have hurt and been hurt in those intervening years, tasting the bittersweet of living with the complexity of life. Yet the moment I saw you, it was apparent that on some basic level, beneath the years and the disappointments and the folding away of our most outrageous dreams, we are the same. Not the same in any shallow, let’s act like we aren’t 35 way, but that fundamentally, our goals and desires, our spirit and our love have remained unsullied by the demands of the world, time, and loss.

As much as hearing you sing, seeing you smile and feeling your hugs, this realization is a lovely gift from a lovely woman.