Graduate School

Is over!!! At least for a while. For those of you who don’t know, I am taking a leave of absence from CUNY’s The Graduate Center as I pursue creative goals and figure out if I do indeed want a Ph.D. in Theatre.

Last night was my last class and I turned in my last paper for a good long while. Lest you think I’m not still a bit of an academic geek, I do plan on completing and submitting an article for publication in a theatre journal. Plans now include a staged reading of my play Massive Gravitational Objects and then further drafts of that; work toward a small, micro-budget film that I want to shoot next summer (more info on that as soon as I have a few details nailed down); a renewed focus on music and songwriting; finding a job that doesn’t suck too much; creation of a full website instead of just the blog as well as more regular and cohesive essays here on music, film, television, books, philosophy and politics.

It should be lots of fun!!