I’ve read a good 800 or so pages of books in the last three days. WHHHEEEEE! Ask me about Augusto Boal and Theater of the Oppressed. Go on, ask me anything you want. Last night I went to Warsaw and saw Minus the Bear, and mewithoutYou (there were a couple of other bands performing, but I didn’t watch them). Saw a decent show and had great perogies as the club is in the Polish National Home of Greenpoint. More clubs should have freshly cooked food at the venue. Both bands were really good, very fun to watch and have music that I kind of wish I liked a bit more than I do. Don’t get me wrong, I like both bands, but find myself not entirely connecting to them. But they could certainly rock! And Minus the Bear is a tight band, very technically accomplished and very very precise, yet they somehow perform wild. It’s a fascinating dichotomy.

The lead singer of mewithoutYou reminded me of Jeff J. — not so much how he looked or sang, but how Jeff might peform if he were the lead singer of a band.

Other news… Joya’s show The Answer is Horse has been picked up for the Midtown International Theatre Festival; check out Noelle W’s entry for best new religion at WinneroftheWeek – neither of us had realized that we both were in the top ten until I mentioned I had placed second, and Andrea P. is going to be appearing in a One Act series at the Villagers Theatre in Somerset.

Coming soon… my CafePress store.

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