My mind

feels like mush. I can’t seem to concentrate and it takes me forever to try to get some of my writing for school done.

It’s late and I’m tired but not sleepy. The apartment building has been annoyingly loud tonight – party one floor up and next door neighbor pounding on her own door because she never brings her keys any place and is constantly getting locked out. Yesterday I let her kid climb out our window so he could get into their apt. through the window. I’ve smoked a couple of cigarettes, despite the fact that it’s 16 degrees out.

Hmm, this is a bit more than you probably need to know. Sorry for the lapse into emotional-journal-land. I do try to stay away from this kind of entry, but for some reason I feel like venting and maybe indicating I wouldn’t mind a friendly word or two.

Ah, has the music stopped? I mean, it’s only 3 fucking 10 in the morning. I just don’t get inconsiderate people.


Oh, and the radiator in our bedroom isn’t working tonight for some reason. It’s cold in here.

No music for a whole minute. Maybe I’ll try to sleep.

I promise more verve and panache in my next entry.

On this day..