Some words of wisdom from long ago

Plato is not exactly a hero of mine, in fact there is much that I don’t agree with in his philosophies, however, I came across this quote in his The Republic and thought it was so very appropriate to our contemporary political landscape:

“The truth is that if you want a well-governed state you must find for your future rulers some career they like better than government; for only then will you have government by the truly rich, those, that is, whose riches consist not of money, but of the happiness of a right and rational life. If you get, in public affairs, men who are so morally impoverished that they have nothing they can contribute themselves, but who hope to snatch some compensation for their own inadequacy from a political career, there can never be good government. They start fighting for power and the consequent internal and domestic conflicts ruin both them and society.”

Amen, brother.

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