Hawaii definitely put into relief just how distant from nature I am and how, living in NY, one becomes cut off from sky and surf and land. I am more sure than ever that I don’t want to stay in NYC any longer than necessary for my PhD.

I’m sure I’m not alone amongst the millions of tourists how leave with a wistful look back and perhaps a niggling fantasy about staying there, I mean, Kauai would be a wonderful place for a theatre company/arts training center. šŸ™‚

But back to NY for now and the particular poetry of steel and concrete. Of a very very very different kind that Hawaii to be sure, but poetry nonetheless.

I would, however, very much like to go back to Hawaii with a group of friends rather than family. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the heck out of my parents for bringing me the first time and Joya’s parents for bringing me this time. I just think how fun it would be to experience it with Natalie or Jeff; Diana or Noelle; Josh or Sandro, Chrystyna or Dave W. Or all of them and more!!

So, when the screenplay sells or the sweepstakes pays off, we are all going over there and having a massively good time. And I’m making sure my brother gets a chance to go back as well since he loved it so much when we were kids.

Aloha to you all.

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