Aloha II

Brief update: scuba didn’t happen because I have asthma and it turns out that if a pocket of air gets trapped in your lungs as you are rising up to the surface, it would expand and possibly do serious damage. While it’s possible to have asthma and dive, you have to get a doctor to do some tests and discover just how the asthma manifests. So, didn’t do the dive.

Today Joya & I played in the ocean at the hotel, ordered drinks from the beach, sunned a bit (yes, I know, we got a little pink because we didn’t wear enough sunscreen), then we all went over to a timeshare property that Cliff & Ellen are looking into. After that, we went to Spouting Horn and saw lots of chickens (wild chickens are all over the place here – in fact the roosters start crowing at about 4 am every day) and this cool thing where the water, as it breaks against the rock, creates this really cool geyser effect because there are holes in the rocks.

It started to rain and we saw the brightest rainbow I’ve ever seen – so bright, the colors started to repeat and it was a full rainbow – a complete 180 degree arc. Then a double one started. I got some snapshots, but the site seems to be having trouble when I try to upload them, so you’ll have to wait for another time.

Tomorrow we are planning on driving up the east coast as far as we can go, checking out some of the beaches and scenic hikes along the way. Thursday we’ll go along the west side and up to the top of Wiemea Canyon then along the west coast of the island. Friday will be more beach going than Saturday we will start the trek back. I understand why some people never leave.

Will try to post some pics tomorrow and let you know of any interesting finds.

hang ten, dudes.

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  1. I’m jealous, but more than that I’m happy that you’re relaxing.

    Love you, miss you, blah, blah.

    I want to hug that seal! Am I a freak? Don’t answer that. šŸ˜‰

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