The view from our balcony. Pretty sweet!

Newark to Honolulu = 10 hours. Rows and rows of people with headsets and television screens in front of them, watching CSI or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or The Brothers Grimm or Proof or Joey or CSI Miami (why oh why has that show survived? I swear to god David Caruso has stipulated a certain number of shots per episode that are of him looking all intense and serious… but I digress). I had a brief internal shiver as I thought of us all staring at 6 inch screens as we travel to our every destination.

Enough ruminations of sheep mentality… I’m in Hawaii and it’s beautiful. The ocean is beating up against the shore, the breeze is wafting into the room. We arrived in Honolulu last night – about 12:30 am east coast time and spent the night there, then this morning took a flight to Kaua’i. Joya’s sister needed to get a bathing suit, so we all went to a mall, then checked into the hotel, went for a quick dip in the ocean then the hot tub then out to dinner and now getting to bed rather early for this time zone but past 2:00 am back home.

No major deep or intellectual thoughts for the moment. Just enjoying the air.

On this day..