A day

Sunset past, just a trace of light still left in the sky. Sitting on the balcony and wishing I still smoked. Something about the idea of a cigarette, some beer, the cool but pleasant night air, the sound of the surf. We bought at the supermarket so we can avoid eating out every meal for the remainder of the week and for some reason I became very anxious about how much money I’m spending on this trip.

Snorkeling was kind of a bust for Joya & I. The beach we went to was a rougher than the one I remember snorkeling in the last time I was here, the water not so clear. I had trouble with my mask & snorkel, plus had trouble relaxing and getting my breath to slow down. I’m a bit worried about the scuba lessons tomorrow. But we’ll see.

I feel something soothed by the sound of the ocean, by the quality of the air. You don’t have to close off as much here – the air, the surf, the openness of the buildings, it all works to open you up. Your senses become engaged with the world around you rather than shutting it out like you have to in NYC. It reminds me just how much NYC screams: the metal screams of subways of buses of taxis. Here there is no need to shut yourself away, no need to hide.

On this day..

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  1. Mom and I blogged our way through your site and found it quite interesting and fun following your Hawaii vacation almost as it happens. How did the scuba lesson go? (Oh, we’ll probably be able to read about it in the blog.) The photos are terrific, too. Have a good rest of Hawaii! Love, Mom and Dad

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