Democrats are cynical, manipulative and weak.

Not to mention anti-progressive and, apparently, anti-repreductive rights. Why, because it’s very very easy to vote against Alito when you know the votes won’t count. 42 Senators did so. Yet, hmmm, only 25 of them voted against cloture. I’m not going into a full analysis of why one or the other and this is probably not my most intelligent post ever, but you know what: fuck’em. Democrats deserve to lose elections because they have no principles and because they don’t stand up for what is right. Republicans at least have principles. Granted they are screwed up, generally anti-humanitarian principles based on greed and power, but they control our government for one very good reason – they will kick the Democratic Party’s whiny, self-aggrandizing, manipulative and weak-willed ass.

Good for the 25. I applaud them for at least being consistent. But you know what – where were they during the confirmation hearings? Why have they allowed Republicans to control the debate about fillibusters? Hell, it’s a dirty word now. Sort of like feminism and multi-culturalism. It’s a dirty word because the Democratic Party lets the reactionary, nazi-esque (note the “-esque” and if you disagree prove it), greedy, world-destroying, religiously fanatic, terror organization called the Republican Party get away with it.

I doubt I will ever vote for a democrat again, unless it is in a local election and I believe in him/her. Otherwise, it’s third parties for me from here on out.

More fun sites

More sites to make you smile or even laugh hard enough that milk comes out of your nose. What you would be doing with milk in your nose is entirely your business.

Tired of Google? Try this site…

Think Cows are defenseless? Think again!

Seriously, this guy has time to spare! ASCII animation.

One reason for Travel Agents in today’s world: Funny Stories about Stupid People!

And for anyone still looking for WMD, send them HERE.

Check ya later.


Hawaii definitely put into relief just how distant from nature I am and how, living in NY, one becomes cut off from sky and surf and land. I am more sure than ever that I don’t want to stay in NYC any longer than necessary for my PhD.

I’m sure I’m not alone amongst the millions of tourists how leave with a wistful look back and perhaps a niggling fantasy about staying there, I mean, Kauai would be a wonderful place for a theatre company/arts training center. 🙂

But back to NY for now and the particular poetry of steel and concrete. Of a very very very different kind that Hawaii to be sure, but poetry nonetheless.

I would, however, very much like to go back to Hawaii with a group of friends rather than family. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the heck out of my parents for bringing me the first time and Joya’s parents for bringing me this time. I just think how fun it would be to experience it with Natalie or Jeff; Diana or Noelle; Josh or Sandro, Chrystyna or Dave W. Or all of them and more!!

So, when the screenplay sells or the sweepstakes pays off, we are all going over there and having a massively good time. And I’m making sure my brother gets a chance to go back as well since he loved it so much when we were kids.

Aloha to you all.

Chasin’ Chickin

These were taken at the Koke’e State Park as we were going up the Weimea Canyon. I told you that these chickens were everywhere. In fact, tonight we ate at a restaurant that had chickens running around the deck throughout our dinner. Dinner was at the western most brewpub in the world.

I told you, these are all over the island!!