Analyze This!

You know those days when you sleep a long time but just can‚??t seem to wake up? Today is one of those. I‚??m hoping taking a brisk walk will help energize me because I have mucho paper writing and reading to do today.

However, I did want to share an amusing dream that I had this morning. Basically, I was taking a ‚??Food & Culture‚?? class from Emeril Lagasse who had no clue what he was doing as a teacher. In the class we were supposed to have read a particular book and he was trying to start a discussion but really didn‚??t know how. After class he asked for my help. My advice: prepare at least 2 leading questions for the class and break up the group into smaller groups of 4-5 students and have them discuss the book, which would hopefully then create a stronger discussion when the whole class came back together. He thanked me. I left.

Then, at some point I was ordering espresso from a Starbucks-like place. Naked.


My best wishes for you on this, the year’s most Shopping-est day. The joys of unrestrained capitalism, greed and marketing campaigns.

On this day..

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