Some Humour for These Times …

So … in the days of crazy-ass Presidents and bombs in London; the slow steady decine of civil liberties and American theatre and the rise of Creationists (any direct relation there?); Iraq, Afghanistan and all the other arena’s of humanities lack of emotional growth I would like to offer a few smiles, perhaps even a chuckle or two. Enjoy!

Computer Stupidities
– An oldie but goodie about how silly people can be. I especially like the one about the stolen computer.

Declaration of Revocation (John Cleese) – This was written a while ago, but I just Stumbled across it and it explains my spelling of “humour.”

Poke the Penguin – Come on, you know you want to. Just poke it. Now again. And again. Keep at it …

Red Meat – One of the oddest and most twisted of comics.

Excuses – A double-edge to this one. At first funny but upon reflection, kind of sad.

Bread is Dangerous! – Bet you didn’t know, but now the truth is revealed.

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