Why We Need a Progressive Party Not More Fuzzy Liberalism.

So this post is definitely a work-in-progress. I hope to develop these ideas more fully in the future, as well as post a few suggested platform points. You are more than welcome to post pro, con or simply thought provoking comments. Indeed, I look forward to some discussion of these ideas.

  1. It more appropriately counters the term “conservative.”

  2. Liberalism as a political philosophy is too vague.

  3. The word “liberal” has been infused with negative connotations. As a political definition is it damaged goods.

  4. Progressive Political Party. Alliteration makes everything better.

  5. A Progressive party can make progress. A Liberal party can’t make liberal. It’s a matter of semantics, but we are in a world where semantics means a great deal. For instance, collateral damage instead of civilian casualties, Clinton’s definition of “sex,” and almost all of what the Bush administration says.

  6. Progressivism has a rich and noble history of working for the poor and working classes, as well as against the corruption of politicians and corporations. With an increasing gap between rich and poor and with an increasing acceptance of corruption of our politicians, (on both sides of the aisle) such a history and focus is needed now more than ever.

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