Check out my writings & vote. Plus Sarah’s Triathalon Information.

Just a quick note before bed, I have started taking part in a website called as a way to kick start my writing habit. Last week I won for a story called “Bird on a Wire” and I have a story to be posted for the title “Lightning Rod.” Check out the site if you can and vote for me if you think I deserve it. Of course I’d like to win, but the main point is that I get into the habit of writing again.

The stories posted there should be considered as first drafts, so if you have feedback or thoughts regarding them, please let me know. I probably won’t do rewrites in the near future, but will definitely consider expanding and working on some of them in the future.

I also want to put in a pitch for my friend Sarah Savage who is training for a triathalon in order to raise money for the Lukemia and Lymphoma Society. You too can help by going to her donation website and contributing. Go Sarah!!!

That’s about all for the nonce. Hope this morning finds you well, or at least as well as you can manage in this crazy world. Viva la revoluci√≥n!!

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