Some Humour for These Times …

So … in the days of crazy-ass Presidents and bombs in London; the slow steady decine of civil liberties and American theatre and the rise of Creationists (any direct relation there?); Iraq, Afghanistan and all the other arena’s of humanities lack of emotional growth I would like to offer a few smiles, perhaps even a chuckle or two. Enjoy!

Computer Stupidities
– An oldie but goodie about how silly people can be. I especially like the one about the stolen computer.

Declaration of Revocation (John Cleese) – This was written a while ago, but I just Stumbled across it and it explains my spelling of “humour.”

Poke the Penguin – Come on, you know you want to. Just poke it. Now again. And again. Keep at it …

Red Meat – One of the oddest and most twisted of comics.

Excuses – A double-edge to this one. At first funny but upon reflection, kind of sad.

Bread is Dangerous! – Bet you didn’t know, but now the truth is revealed.

Why We Need a Progressive Party Not More Fuzzy Liberalism.

So this post is definitely a work-in-progress. I hope to develop these ideas more fully in the future, as well as post a few suggested platform points. You are more than welcome to post pro, con or simply thought provoking comments. Indeed, I look forward to some discussion of these ideas.

  1. It more appropriately counters the term “conservative.”

  2. Liberalism as a political philosophy is too vague.

  3. The word “liberal” has been infused with negative connotations. As a political definition is it damaged goods.

  4. Progressive Political Party. Alliteration makes everything better.

  5. A Progressive party can make progress. A Liberal party can’t make liberal. It’s a matter of semantics, but we are in a world where semantics means a great deal. For instance, collateral damage instead of civilian casualties, Clinton’s definition of “sex,” and almost all of what the Bush administration says.

  6. Progressivism has a rich and noble history of working for the poor and working classes, as well as against the corruption of politicians and corporations. With an increasing gap between rich and poor and with an increasing acceptance of corruption of our politicians, (on both sides of the aisle) such a history and focus is needed now more than ever.

My Birthday …

the day after …

I had a very pleasant birthday last night at Sandro’s. Honestly, there were a few people I would have very much liked to have seen but was very happy to see those there. I was bad and had some cigarettes, but am ok with that. I’m not returning to a habitual practice.

Joya found a place for us today. It’s in Park Slope area and she is happy with the neighborhood. It’s 2 blocks from the subway, and around 10 from the Food Co-op. It’s a 1 bedroom on the corner of the building, so has plenty of windows and light. While it may be a bit noisy at times, I don’ t think it will be a tremendous issue. The bedroom is big and the living room decent sized. It’s $1200/month and move in costs included 1st, security and broker’s fee of 1 month’s rent. All in all, not a bad deal considering. Joya did a great job finding us a good place so major kudoes to her!! Here’s a pic of the exterior. We will be the 3rd floor …

I’m feeling a bit restless tonight, but don’t really have anything to do, or anyone to do it with. So I’ll stop this entry before I get incredibly boring. Thanks to all those who send birthday well wishes my way! I’m thinking it’s going to be a good year.

Oh man, “Heartbreak Beat” by the Psychedelic Furs is playing on Radio Paradise right now. Bringing me back to the 80s. It was such an innocent time for me. I thought I knew everything. I had a large number of friends. I was tortured, but in such a sweet, teen-angst way. Of course it felt a bit like hell at times back then, but looking back … well, it was beautifully non-cynical.

This is your brain … This is your brain on 35

Yes indeedy-do. 35.

Am going up to Maryland for a party at Sandro’s house to see some friends I’ve seen precious little of this past year. Currently am waiting to see if Dave is going so I can catch a ride up with him, otherwise it’s some quality Greyhound time.

Joya found a place she really likes. Location good, space reasonable. Broker’s fee of 15% of the annual yearly rent. Ain’t NY just grand like that. We are waiting on a few things, but fingers crossed.

I watched the Blue October live DVD that Joya got me for my birthday and god they are such a great live band. Unfortunately not touring right now, but you should buy their albums and see them if ever they tour near you. Seriously.

That’s all for now. Will give an update on the party later this weekend.

Check out my writings & vote. Plus Sarah’s Triathalon Information.

Just a quick note before bed, I have started taking part in a website called as a way to kick start my writing habit. Last week I won for a story called “Bird on a Wire” and I have a story to be posted for the title “Lightning Rod.” Check out the site if you can and vote for me if you think I deserve it. Of course I’d like to win, but the main point is that I get into the habit of writing again.

The stories posted there should be considered as first drafts, so if you have feedback or thoughts regarding them, please let me know. I probably won’t do rewrites in the near future, but will definitely consider expanding and working on some of them in the future.

I also want to put in a pitch for my friend Sarah Savage who is training for a triathalon in order to raise money for the Lukemia and Lymphoma Society. You too can help by going to her donation website and contributing. Go Sarah!!!

That’s about all for the nonce. Hope this morning finds you well, or at least as well as you can manage in this crazy world. Viva la revoluci√≥n!!

Testing Photo Option

So, I should be able to post a pic here. Let’s see if it works: And before you say anything – I know it is out of focus, but i think it gives it a nice kind of impressionist painting feel.