I’m doing data entry and have, for the past several days, had audio plays to listen to and they made the time go by really quickly because there was a narrative to follow along with. Today, the ones that seemed to have been transferred to my Ipod are not there. As much as I love music, this job (comparing a list of nearly 40,000 zip codes and towns to another list in order to catch any disparities) is so incredibly BORING!!! And nobody is on IM, and nobody is responding to my emails and have I mentioned OHMIGOD.

Turning 35 in a couple of weeks. Let’s just keep that between you and me, shall we? Thanks to Sandro for letting me have a party at his house.

Back to Millbrook, Millington, Montgomery, Mooseheart, Naperville …

Oh, if you are tired of living in a theocracy, check out this article about the history of the pledge of allegience. Written by a socialist – yay, baby a socialist!!